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We offer an up-to-date, state of the art diagnostics service for most makes and models of vehicle including car and commercial vehicles.

As well as electronic diagnostics we offer diesel diagnostic services, emissions control, mechanical diagnostics as well as all aspects of suspension, steering and braking problems.

Once diagnosed, one of our technicians will be on hand to talk you through the fault(s) and suggest a best course of rectification, and our management team will be available to offer a quote for the work before it is carried out.


Services include:

  • Code Read
  • Engine Management Diagnostics
  • Tyre Pressure Sensors
  • DPF Regeneration
  • ABS Diagnostics
  • Airbag and SRS Diagnostics
  • ECU Replacement
  • CAN BUS Diagnostics
  • Injector Re-Programming
  • Diesel System Diagnostics
  • Fuel System Diagnostics
  • Body Computer Faults
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